Making a Carving Knife 9


Ok, we are almost finished. I completed shaping the handle then put 3 coats of, you guessed it, Deft spray lacquer. I also shortened the dowel rod halves to about an inch. It was overkill and hard to work with as long as they were. In the phot you can kinda see that the blade is sandwiched between the 2 dowel pieces. This is what is going to hold the blade in place. Use wood glue on all wood surfaces. NOTE: For this application epoxy would be even better because it will stick to wood and metal but, again, overkill. Once you have glue on your dowels and a bit down in the hole center the blade with the cutting edge facing what you intended to be the front of the handle. Then put your split dowel on both sides but not all of the way. You may need to push one down more than the other to keep your blade centered. If you need to you can use a little force by taking a block of wood, lay it in your stubborn dowel, then tap it with a hammer. Now, when you get it to where you are happy and know the blade is gonna stay put, just cut your dowel pieces flush with your hole and booyah! You gotcherself a carving knife! Let me know how it turns out 🙂


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