Mushroom Anyone?


These little fellows were actually gonna be puppies but the cut out didn’t turn out right. Fortunately, Pam doesn’t like to throw anything away so she came up with a better idea…….paint em like mushrooms! 🙂 Great idea, dont ya think?


12 thoughts on “Mushroom Anyone?

  1. Not sure what size these are but wouldn’t these be great with two holes drilled in and made into buttons. Really loving these projects. Keep them coming.
    Florence 🙂

    • well, they are a little big for that but I like the way you think! We are having trouble finding a purpose for some of the stuff we make so your ideas are appreciated. They measure about 6″ tall by about 4 1/2″ wide. Let me know what you come up with 🙂

      • Not know any giants then?! he he. I’m thinking book ends, Put a hook on and have them as coat hangers…they are so cute the uses are endless.
        Regards Florence x

      • Yeah, maybe bookends….. for cook books! Since they are mushrooms, ya know?!?! LOL Thanks for your ideas and feedback Florence. They are really appreciated.

  2. I love that these cute little guys didn’t turn out to be puppies. They look like fleeting ladybugs that decided to become mushrooms instead, that is a great combination (for me at least!) Fun site, can’t wait to see more.

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