Eye of The Day


Ok, so I cheated a bit. This is the carving a face lesson but then I figured may as well paint his eyes and claim my “eye of the day” Two birds with one stone and all of that 🙂


5 thoughts on “Eye of The Day

    • The most recommended type of wood is basswood.As far as tools and what to do, I would suggest relief carving and use a utility knife to see if you enjoy carving. I prefer the fixed blade over the retractable. If you don’t mind to spend a few dollars I would also recommend a v tool and a couple gouges. You can just start out using children’s coloring books for patterns. They usually don’t have tons of detail. In a nutshell, you will outline the pattern with a deep cut called a stop cut. Then you will remove material up to that cut which will give you a nice Sharp detail. It is not hard, just take simple projects at first to help avoid frustration. Good luck and if you have questions feel free to ask cause I could talk about carving all day 🙂

      • Thanks for the advice. Being at university and having a whole load of other passions means I may never get round to do something like this, but it does seem very very interesting.

  1. I looked at a couple of your carvings after you checked out middlescapes.com. very cool. It looks like it takes a great deal of patience and ‘seeing beyond the surface’ of things. I love when that happens. Thanks for your support. I’ll stop by again soon. Loved the bear!!!

    • Thanks so much for your comments! Your statement about layers is dead on when it comes to carving. You always have to keep in mind what are the features with the largest profile. You can’t add wood if you forgot to allow material for the nose. 🙂

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