My Actual Career

Hey guys! I haven’t been posting much, or carving for that matter. My wife has gotten very busy with her daycare and while working on this blog I started studying SEO and Internet marketing to get my blog in front of more people. Needless to say, WOW! There is a lot to know but I find it very intriguing. I also have built a blog pertaining to what I have actually done for a living all of my life. Also, there is a link there to my fan page where I have a bunch of photos of projects I have done. Check it out and tell me what you think 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Actual Career

  1. Me again. I have just been thinking about your recent post. With all the old parts and pieces taken off cars do you ever do any (not sure what the right term is) assemblage art projects?
    Florence x

  2. I admire anyone brave enough to run a Day Care cause…YIKES! And yeah, the SEO stuff gets deep. I sent the link to your restoration site to my hubby, he loves that stuff.

  3. I tried looking at photos but I am not on facebook. So cool though. I am in love with the 1971 Charger and Challengers! I want one…one day.

    • I worked for a high end mopar shop and piainted a few of them bad boys. My favorite was the aar cuda’s. I painted a red one and a panther pink one. real cool cars. I would love to own a Challenger T/A

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