Crafters Challenge WINNER! 12/17/12

This weeks challenge needs a Christmas theme and you need to use:

1 coat hanger

1 pair of shoelaces

12 jelly beans

Here is this weeks winner and a link to his blog!


My submission for your crafters challenge is a little tea light votive.  It’s made of a spiraled, white coat hanger, then strips of white (couldn’t find green) shoelace are glued down the sides.  Jellybean ornaments are glued all around it to give it that Christmas tree feel.  For the final touch, an electric tea light underneath adds a little flare and ambience.

Thanks for the challenge.  It was fun!

Thanks for your entry!

13 thoughts on “Crafters Challenge WINNER! 12/17/12

  1. Count me in! Bought my $4 worth of supplies today… believe it or not, I had none of these items lying around. I’ll work on it tomorrow night while watching my favorite Christmas movie, “Die Hard”.

  2. You lost me when you said everyone will have a week to complete…. I tried to pick it up again, but fell off the cart when you said best made. So, I’ll be happy to judge! Thanks for stopping by my website. Come again, but don’t expect such creativity from me. I can’t wait to see what your crafty followers design, though! Marsha 🙂

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