It’s Been a While

Hey guys! I haven’t blogged anything in quite a while and that is just lame! I have met some really great people through this blog and I always enjoy chewing the fat with someone who likes creating with their hands. So,no new carvings. But no new carving knife wounds either! 🙂 But I do wanna share my current project so you don’t think I have been loafing:


So, I came across this bike for $200 and thought “I will get that thing, spruce on it for a couple weekends and have a sweet lil cruiser. WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!! 🙂


I went nuts! I feel like DR. Frankenstein with this thing trying to bring this baby to life! lol I made tons of stuff for it but I won’t ramble. If anyone would like to know more then feel free to message me and I will be happy to help any way I can. I will show a pic of the seat I made for it and Pam taught me how to stitch it around the edge. I also painted the tank which should actually wait till it’s close to completion but since I paint for a living it is not a big deal. The flames on the tank are kinda hard to see in the pic but the look great in person. 


Check out that railroad spike kick start! I made a kickstand to match 🙂

Thanks for visiting guys and if you have further interest in this bike build just let me know!