Auto Restoration Tutorials

Alongside crafting and what not, I have been in the paint and body  business for about 17 years and I still learn something new just about every day! If you are interested in auto restoration, or maybe just looking for a few tips, check out my blog with several restoration articles by clicking here—> Classic Muscle Car Restoration. Once you are there make sure you check out my recent project photos. If there is a restoration subject that you are knowledgeable in and feel would contribute to what I am trying to do with my restoration blog, then please feel free to email me a short bio along with your tutorial with photos and instruction or video to and put in the subject “Car Tutorial”. You will get full credit for your efforts, plus a link back to your blog or site. 🙂 ENJOY!


One thought on “Auto Restoration Tutorials

  1. Excellent! My father has been restoring the interior of old cars…most of his life. I’ve seen many an old car in our yard! That is a wonderful skill you have! Very cool!

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