Well, it’s been a while :)

I haven’t posted in quite some time so I thought I would check in. Akers of Toons is going to mainly be wood spirits and simple carving from here on out. My wife stays so busy with her daycare that most of her free time is spent trying to relax and regain her sanity. That being said, hopefully I will find time to start posting on a more regular basis. Thanks again to all my followers and stay TOONED! 🙂


Home Wine Making

I enjoy making wine at home so when I came across this I had to check it out! I was not disappointed, so if you are interested in wine making at all, check out this free resource.


My Actual Career

Hey guys! I haven’t been posting much, or carving for that matter. My wife has gotten very busy with her daycare and while working on this blog I started studying SEO and Internet marketing to get my blog in front of more people. Needless to say, WOW! There is a lot to know but I find it very intriguing. I also have built a blog pertaining to what I have actually done for a living all of my life. Also, there is a link there to my fan page where I have a bunch of photos of projects I have done. Check it out and tell me what you think 🙂 www.classicmusclecarrestoration.net

Don’t Feel Neglected……

Sorry guys for not posting in a while but I haven’t been carving much and the last time I did, which was Saturday, I got myself a nasty cut across the palm of my hand. It would have prolly needed a couple stitches but it wasn’t nothing a few drops of super glue didn’t cure. Anyway, I am itching to get back to work and should be able to start back again in a few days. Thanks for all of the great comments and support I have received and I promise to get another carving up real soon! My wife hasn’t had anytime to paint if you are wondering. Her daycare is getting bigger so she has her hands full. 🙂